Tower City


“The Lord is a mighty tower where His people can run for safety.” Proverbs 18:10

2016: Living on the Edge

As a follower of Jesus Christ and a vital part of His Kingdom, I embrace and rehearse the following personal intentions and declarations for 2016…
I am pushing my heart to the edge. I purpose to be more open, real, honest, sincere, accessible and transparent before Jesus and others. I choose to intentionally personalize His words, counsel, and promptings more than ever. I will be more reflective, more receptive, more sensitive, and more accommodating; welcoming the works of His gracious Hand that always work for my good. I reject the deceptive works of fear, shame, and false security that only serve to build walls separating me from my rich destiny and full prosperity in Christ. I purpose to push my heart to the edge!

I am pushing my friendship to the edge. I purpose to reach toward, enter into, and access with boldness my on-going, ever-increasing friendship with Jesus. I belong to Him and His friendship is mine! I choose to explore far beyond any past experience and limited religious thinking to personally experience Him at a deeper level and in a more meaningful way. I will find Him and meet with Him in previously unknown places and ways. I will see Jesus! I will ask, seek, and knock with confidence and consistency. I purpose to push my friendship to the edge!

I am pushing my faith to the edge. I purpose to rise in my faith, forgetting the past and not fearing the future. I intentionally discard and disown the self-assigned, natural limits in my mind, my perspective, my assumptions, and my experiences. I am believing God for much more, for much greater, for the unusual, for the unlikely, and for the impossible. I say “Yes!” and “Why not?!!”. In my living and in my giving I stretch the borders and boundaries of my faith, inviting the divine intervention of my God into this unique moment in time. I purpose to push my faith to the edge!

I am pushing my influence to the edge. I purpose to expand my God-given, God-ordained circle of influence, recognizing that God has divine encounters for me in the marketplace and neighborhood of my life. There are people who are ready and waiting, needing the touch of Jesus in their heart and life. They are all around me, and God’s Spirit is prompting me and pointing them out to me! I have the right word at just the right moment for them. I am equipped and anointed for this amazing task! I will step out with an attitude of availability and expectation. There are people just waiting for an encounter with Jesus and I choose to be the catalyst! I purpose to push my influence to the edge!

I am pushing my worship to the edge. I purpose to welcome and engage the presence of Jesus in my life and in my church with a whole heart. I choose to recapture the awe, the wonder, and the splendor of King Jesus. I am a worshipper first and foremost! Therefore, I will worship through and past any personal pain, adversity, confusion, disappointment, challenge and demonic attack against my identity, my position, my mission, and my passion in Christ Jesus. I will magnify Him above all things, always! I purpose to push my worship to the edge!

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