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“The Lord is a mighty tower where His people can run for safety.” Proverbs 18:10



chalkboard At Tower City Church, our pastors and leaders have labored to create a Youth Transformation Pipeline that is the foundation for our youth education. This pipeline has six distinct areas: Bible, Prayer, Service, Relationship, House of the Lord, and Praise.  With Kingdom Kids/Sprouts, we seek to introduce awareness.  With Youth Explosion, we suggest developing a level of familiarity while our Warriors will build a functioning skill level.  Unleashed members will demonstrate a working application in each area.  As an example: Sprouts will be introduced to the character of God (awareness). Youth Explosion will practice worship through simple songs (familiarity).  Warriors will practice different expressions of worship such as clapping, hand raised, and kneeling (skill). Unleashed will function independently in worship by seeking God’s voice/visions/Words for the church (application). news   We believe that shaping our youth curriculum around these core concepts will build a scriptural base that will serve our youth well.  These models will help raise them into adulthood with the understanding and ability to live a righteous life; one they choose to devote to God’s purposes for them.  We have printed copies of our Transformer Pipeline and invite each of our parents to review one.  As always, we know that you are your child’s main teacher, and we are so excited to partner with you as you raise your house to serve the Lord.  – Ms. Kim



  The Warriors want to officially welcome our new 4th and 5th grade members!  Get ready for an exciting adventure this year. armour     We are currently working through an in depth study on the Armor of God.  Our Warriors have proven themselves more than equal to the task.. Each Wednesday, we add another piece of armor to our arsenal to equip us to stand strong.  Our memory verse for this series is Ephesians 6:11 “Wear the full armor of God. Wear God’s armor so that you can fight against the devil’s evil tricks.” Stand strong, Warriors!  – Ms. Leah & Mr. Ryker



   storytime   Youth Explosion is having story time!  We are reading exciting, insightful and instructive stories from the Old Testament that help teach us to understand the glory of God and the faith of His people. biblestories   We are sending the kids home with either a coloring page or a classroom craft as a reinforcement exercise. Ideally, they would review their lesson with you; mom and dad, and this would spark a great discussion where you could add your own thoughts. We are working to align our curriculum with the TCC Pipeline.  We do this to ensure that we raise up strong followers of God; ones who are amazing prayer warriors and equipped with the wisdom that comes only from the Holy Scriptures.   – Mr. Joe




flowers     Hello again! Can you believe it’s almost Spring?We are finally starting to thaw out as the warmer weather begins to flow, and the flowers begin to bloom. This is also an excellent time to ponder new growth in God! Unleashed has been examining what it means to seek after God. As we endeavor to put distractions aside, we learn to employ practical tips that help us on our ever important journey. We encourage Unleashed members to spend quality time with the Lord, even in the midst of busy schedules! We will continue to engage corporately in worship each month and will also offer “Funsdays” as a regularly scheduled outreach opportunity. Encourage your children to invite friends so they can also experience the love of Jesus and His body!   Stay tuned for fun summer events on the horizon, and, of course, marks your calendar for VBS in June.calendar — Mr.Nathan and Ms. Rebekah                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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